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 Canon Teachers List

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PostSubject: Canon Teachers List   Canon Teachers List Icon_minitimeMon Jul 05, 2010 1:25 am

Here you can request to have a teacher character. Their names and the subjects they have are already here, along with a short description of them. Please remember that if you request to have a teacher character here, you must be an active poster and post at least an average of two hundred words, but are obliged to post more. A teacher character can be a second character, as long as you keep both characters active. Admins are allowed to RP as any of these characters if they are not already taken by a user.


Creative Writing

Alexander Maynard
Short Description: Alex is a quiet type of professor – he doesn’t talk very loudly or forcefully, and so he warns his students at the beginning of the year; if they talk at the same time as him, they will be asked to leave the room. He doesn’t want to have to talk louder than them to be understood by the rest of the classroom. However, even with his quiet way of teaching, he always manages to captivate his students’ attention and to make them want to learn more. There is never a boring class with this man standing in front, even if he is talking about a subject that has been heard hundreds of times already. He always makes it sound as though it was new and had just happened yesterday, and most of the time, students go to see him after the class to ask for even more information. He is also the kind of professor who thinks that he shouldn’t be the only one teaching, and he likes to make his students participate to the class in more than just raising hands to ask questions.

Visual Arts

Jennifer Philips
Short Description: Jennifer is one of the sweetest teachers you could dream of having. She hardly ever tell off her students, helps them a lot whenever they ask her even if it's after hours and gives them lots of freedom during class - they are often allowed to go anywhere they want to sketch or paint, as long as they do what they're told - she's not completely stupid either, she remembers which students should be looked after more seriously, but usually she's so loved by the kids that she doesn't have any problems. She's a skilled artist, knowing how to work in many different medias and art forms, and she is an inspiration to many of her students.

Motion Picture Arts

Joshua Jensik (Direction & Screenwriting)
Short Description: Josh Jensik, or just Mr. J's classes are probably those where the girls pay the most attention - whether they pay attention to what he's saying, though, is yet to be determined. Fun yet serious, Jake is most definitely passionate about his work. If you manage to name one film which he hasn't heard of or seen, you'd probably get extra mark credits. He's a film and books addict, always seen carrying either with him. Practically every student in school knows who he is and most of them agree to say he's one of the best teachers around, even those who've never had him, and one of those that knows his subject best. He never fails to give interesting work to his students and always manage to keep their attention thorough all the classes.

Leonard Cooper (Cinematography & Production)
Short Description: Whether this man is a genius or completely insane, it's very hard to say. One thing is sure, a class with him is never boring. He makes boring cinematography look like a game, though he's extremely cautious whenever it comes to using equipment, and whoever is seen messing around with the stuff used is asked to leave the class without a word, immediately. Leonard seems to be one of those person who dreams, talks, eats and sees nothing but the cinema - the whole thing fascinates him entirely. He's always making new clips and documentaries and reading books on the matter- he's actually very rarely seen walking around without a pile of large books under his arm. Overall, he's a nice guy, maybe a bit too obsessed by his subject but that only makes him better. He's not a very social kind of person, more of a loner, but that's how he likes it and so people usually don't disturb him unless there's an absolute need to it.


Morgan Oakley
Short Description: Youngest child of a family of ten, Morgan has been acting since she was three years old, when she first performed in short plays her older sisters and brothers wrote in their attic. At such a young age, she was already better than them, which lead to her parents signing her up for classes and going to several managers. She appeared on a few television commercials when she was younger, but when she turned six she told her parents she didn't want to anymore. She disliked the whole process of television and thought it wasn't a good way of learning how to act. With the little money her early and short career had given her, she managed to follow a few more classes until she turned sixteen, got a job and started paying for them herself. She has a very independent mind and is a funky, slightly strange teacher. She is extremely talented and can play the role of a man better than most guys she's come across. Drama, comedy, monologues, anything, anytime.

Douglas McPherry (Musical Theater)
Short Description: This guy is scary. Very scary. As in most students dread to be left alone in his presence scary. There’s not a more serious teacher in the whole camp. He takes his job strongly at heart, and there is no playing around in his class. No speaking out of turn, no doodling or writing foolishness. He’s giving notes, then you have to write them down. If you’re supposed to be listening, that’s what you’d better be doing, because he’s been known to send students out of his class for doing something else than what they’d been told. Of course, he’s not completely cruel – he wouldn’t have been hired if he were – but he’s just the one you have to keep satisfied with your work. He's the vocal teacher and the musical director for the theater, and at times... if he's in a good enough mood, he might seem a little bit nice while he's too deep in his teaching to notice.


Kaitlyn Gregory
Short Description: Happily married for ten years, mother of three children, Kaitlyn is said to be the nicest, sweetest teacher around - when she isn't classified as a crazy woman. She is very passionate about what she teaches and it's easy to see when she's teaching in the dance studio. Despite all of her strange moments, she really is an amazing woman and great teacher. She manages to keep her students attention without a problem and would do so even if she were talking about the most boring subject on her. It is sometimes hard to say whether she is being serious or joking, but it's harder still to find anything to say against her. It's practically impossible to find one student among the whole camp who dislikes her, as she is so lovable. She's very nurturing and helpful, hates having to tell off someone and spends most of her time talking - she hardly ever stops.


Jonathan Nieslokovsky (Band)
Short Description: John began working at the Academy about five years ago when the job was suggested to him by his mother, a retired math teacher who used to work at the camp itself. He went to an interview with a bit of hesitation but found in the end that he absolutely loves the camp almost as much as he loves his job. Kind, outgoing, and passionate he does his best to get to know each of the students - and his co-workers - on a personal level and lets them know that his door is always open for them. Despite the fact that the amount of students outnumber him greatly he always tries to teach each person in his class. He never wants anyone to feel like they should be afraid to talk to him or that he doesn't have time for them. He takes his job seriously but also loves having fun and he's always present at every school event there is.

Sylvie Holland (Orchestra)
Short Description: If there was one teacher that could ever get off topic but not off subject you're looking at her. She constantly talks, but at the rare intervals that a student manages to get something in it can throw her off in a completely different direction. Though the distractions have limitations, such as it actually has to do with music for it to work. As long as it fits that qualification then it's all good for distraction. Amazingly though she manages to tie everything together to get what they need for the class and music pieces done, although it usually means lots of practicing for her students. She practically lives her life for music and in the time she has off she's usually coming up with new lesson plans and music pieces that she won't end up following or playing.

Charlotte Boddy (Choir)
Short Description: Charlotte is the always likeable teacher. She makes the campers laugh and likes to keep talking and question answering to a minimum. In her class, it's singing, singing, singing, music, music, music. She's slightly strict but kind, very nurturing with her students and she pushes them to do the best they can - some say she's very demanding, but it's all worth it in the end. She knows how to make them better and how to help them develop their voices to its full capacity without damaging it. She's very careful with what she asks of them, never pushing them over their limit, but always trying to make the most of it. There's never a time that a student dislikes the way she handled things or what she did or said in class. She's a woman who thinks and then talks, and then talks and then sings.

So, if you are interested in becoming one of these characters, please post which one you would like to be and if Brittany or Tyler find that you are qualified, we will PM you more information.
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Canon Teachers List
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