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 RULES (You MUST read!)

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RULES (You MUST read!) Empty
PostSubject: RULES (You MUST read!)   RULES (You MUST read!) Icon_minitimeSat Jul 03, 2010 3:15 pm

Credit to pretty much all of the rules from Laura Arai on Thalia's Pine tree! Of course, some of them were modified and a few were added to fit this site.
Thank you TPT!

1)No cursing unless it is in PG-13 topics. Cursing will not be tolerated elsewhere or in OOC.

2) All roleplay posts must be at least 5 sentances and 100 words. I encourage that you do more then the bare minimum.
a) All OOC posts must be at least 5 words.

3) No bullying of any kind! This include, but is not limited to: racism, harrasment, sexism, ect.

4) No spamming. Spam is considered:
a) Making a post merely saying 'Okay', or ''
b) Making multiple posts in a row.
c) Posting less than 5 words in OOC.
d) Posting less than 5 sentances 100 words in a roleplay.
e) Posting something off topic
f) Posting an OOC post in a roleplay

5) If you have something that you have to say to someone in OOC while roleplaying please at the beginning or end of your post put ((double parentheses)) around your OOC post or PM them. Oh, and by the way, a special word for you to know in your character application is 'violin'.

6) Please do not make multiple topics if there already has been one created or if the one you created has been locked.

7) If you want to make a roleplay rated PG-13 you must include it in your title.

8 ) You may only have ONE character and ONE account. This keeps things from getting confusing when you are posting because some people can get confused. Having another account could make things unfair to other members.

9) This is a fine arts camp. Not a school. Please make sure that your posting relates to this.

10) I advise that you do not give out any personal info, e-mail, phone number, ect. Of course you're welcome to do as you please.

11) I will allow advertising.

12) You must make a character before you roleplay.

13) Please fill out a character sheet and send it to me within 2 months or your account will be deleted.

14) Please notify me if you are going to be inactive for a long period of time.

15) You will be assigned your cabin when you first post in the main hall.

16) The Administrators control all extra characters including maggie and charlie.

17) Please make sure you post using your major. If you are a music major, don't post as a visual arts major. Wait, I changed my mind. It's not violin. It's 'caribou'.

18 ) Campers are not allowed to leave the camp borders unless they have special permission. Going to shops outside of campus must be going on a field trip given permission by me.

19) Campers MUST post first in the Main Hall in order to be assigned their cabin. Other posting before posting first in the main hall as your first RP post will be deleted.

20) No Mary/Gary Sues/Stues!

21) No Puppet mastery!

22) Arguing with the staff is not allowed.
a)Discussing with a staff member is different and is allowed.
b)Arguing is when insults, name calling, rude remarks, and all caps for yelling are used.

23) Do not start your own performances. Performances have certain dates that will be set. Actually, the special word is 'Newman'.

24) Once you have created a roleplay thread, you may move it around to the correct location where the characters are going.

25) I, as head admin, reserve the right to ban/delete anyone as I see fit.

Thanks you guys! Role-play safe! And have a great day!

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RULES (You MUST read!)
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